A Poem by Dante Gabriel Rossetti

We continue sharing a wonderful pieces of poetry, written by famous artists. Today you can enjoy the lines, penned by Dante Gabriel Rossetti (1828 – 1882) – an English poet, illustrator, painter and translator, the founder of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood (1848 ) – one of the most influential art groups of the 19th century.


SHE knew it not:—most perfect pain
To learn: this too she knew not. Strife
For me, calm hers, as from the first.
‘Twas but another bubble burst
Upon the curdling draught of life,—
My silent patience mine again.
As who, of forms that crowd unknown
Within a distant mirror’s shade,
Deems such an one himself, and makes
Some sign; but when the image shakes
No whit, he finds his thought betray’d,
And must seek elsewhere for his own.

Dante Gabriel Rossetti, ‘Lady Lilith’, 1866-68, altered 1872-73


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