Art Exhibitions June 2015: must see shows

Summer has come and it’s a perfect time to plan your art journeys for this June! Let us help you and suggest some exhibitions that are definitely not to be missed out in the future months!

Delicacy and Power of Art Nouveau

Art Nouveau epoch is probably one of the most popular one among art-lovers – it enchants them with exquisite interflow of whiplash lines and refined atmosphere. For sure, France is the first country that comes to our mind, hearing “art nouveau”, yet, cities of Central Europe also has quite a lot of less known samples of the style to show you.

That’s why we strongly advice to have a trip to Prague, where you can enjoy “Vital Art Nouveau 1900” show in the Prague Municipal House.

It’s a unique possibility to encounter some masterpieces of the Art Nouveau arts and crafts, which were a part of the ground-breaking, forward-looking trends and philosophical ideas of that time (like Vitalism and Spiritism).

A large part of the collection are samples of decorative art (glassware, ceramics and furniture, posters, clothing) exhibited at the famous Paris World’s Fair in 1900.

The show brings not only a delight for you eye but provides a great opportunity to get more information about the displayed items with a self-service multimedia tablets, 3D scans of Art Nouveau objects and access to the digitized foundations for European Art Nouveau art on the Europeana portal.

DATE & TIME: till 31 December 2015.
WHERE: Municipal House –nám. Republiky 5, 111 21 Praha 1, Czech Republic.
PRICE: full – 150 CZK (for more info on admission – visit the webpage of the exhibition)


Art Nouveau is ultimately sensual. And “Alphonse Mucha: In Quest of Beauty” exhibition in The Russell-Cotes Museum, located in Bournemouth, England, brightly demonstrates that. The early 20th century was time of very quick and radical social changes, which prompted masters to search for a new artistic language that would merge traditional perception of beauty with new vision of the world. Doubtlessly, Alphonse Mucha is one of the prominent representatives of the style.

Show, organized in cooperation with The Mucha Foundation, contains three sections: ‘Women – Icons and Muses’ that features his early commercial pieces, including Gismonda (1894) – a poster with his muse actress Sarah Bernhardt; ‘Le Style Mucha – A Visual Language’ explores transformation of Mucha’s creative methods; and, finally ‘Beauty – The Power of Inspiration’, which is connected with the latter stages of his career as he moved back to Czech lands in 1910.

DATE & TIME: till 27 September 2015
WHERE: The Russell-Cotes Art Gallery and Museum, Russell Cotes Road, Bournemouth BH1 3AA, United Kingdom

Vanguard rhythms

Le Corbusier Measures-of-manWhenever you’re not a fan of subtle and sugary Art Nouveau, you will like the rational and austere aesthetics of Avant-garde. And one of the ‘must-see’ shows, dedicated to it, takes place at the Pompidou Centre – “Le Corbusier. Measures of man”. One of pioneers of modern architecture and design, Charles-Edouard Jeanneret, famous as Le Corbusier, concentrated his attention on exploring human body as the defining factors of its visual and structural organization of his buildings and design objects. Curators of the exhibition presented a fresh look at his work, including his painted, sculpted and architectural pieces, emphasizing their conceptual integrity.

DATE & TIME: till 3 August 2015
WHERE: Place Georges Pompidou ‑ 75004 Paris, France
PRICE: full price – 13 €; reduced price – 10 €

Giorgio MorandiAnother significant retrospective exhibition of vanguard art is “Giorgio Morandi 1890 – 1964”, which is heald at the Vittoriano Museum Complex. This outstanding Bolognese artist is known first of all for his still life paintings. And visitors can acquaint with around 100 canvases, along with watercolors, drawings and etchings, for which Morandi received the Grand Prize at the São Paulo Biennial in Brazil. The previous show of the author’s works in Rome took place 40 years ago, at Rome’s National Gallery of Modern Art. So, such an impressive “comeback” of the master to the Eternal City is definitely worse seeing!

DATE & TIME: till June 21 2015
WHERE: Vittoriano Museum Complex – Piazza Venezia, Rome, Italy
PRICE: full price – 12 €; reduced price – 9 €

Orienting in the orient art

After-Utopia-Revisiting-The-Ideal-in-Asian-Contemporary-ArtContemporary Asian art market is one of the fastest developing one – it constantly attracts attention of art connoisseurs and curators. So why don’t we keep up in pace with it and visit some exhibitions, covering that topic?

Singapore Art Museum prepared “After Utopia: Revisiting The Ideal in Asian Contemporary Art” project. As the curators say, it’s “exhibition that examines humanity’s eternal yearning for a better world”. You will see some highlight of Southeast Asian and Asian contemporary art from the museum’s permanent collection along with pieces from private collections and new commissions.

The concept of the show is presented in several parts. The first one examines the imagery of the garden as a metaphor for the Paradise we have lost and found. The second analysis inculcation of utopian ideas into modern architecture and urban planning, originated by various ideologies, and how these ideals have fallen short when translated into reality.

DATE & TIME: till June 24 2015
WHERE: Singapore Art Museum ‑ 71 Bras Basah Rd, Singapore 189555
PRICE: 14$ (general admission)


OpenART is Scandinavia’s biggest public art biennial. This year it will host 72 participants, including artists from 19 countries across Asia, Europe, South America and America.
130 artworks are to be installed on more than 70 venues in the center of Örebro, at the fifth edition of OpenART, which runs from June 14 through September 6. The exhibition encompasses a variety of artistic practices, including instal­la­tion, sculp­ture, painting, video, sound, photog­raphy, street art and digital inter­ac­tive art.

With the participation of 13 artists, China becomes the second-most repre­sented country at the festival Sweden. Symbolically entitled “Encounter” and “No Holds Barred”, the two collections provide a rare glimpse into the contem­po­rary Chinese art, featuring a body of artwork that reflect the rebellious attitude and the turn to the self, accen­tu­ated in art since 1976, when Mao Zedong’s Great Proletarian Cultural Revo­lu­tion which cast the country in confine­ment and turmoil came to an end with its initia­tor’s death. (Source:

DATE & TIME: June 14 – September 6 2015
WHERE: Köpmangatan 28, Örebro, Sweden
PRICE: free

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