Art in Short Stories: Big in Tiny

In 1939, brother of a famous surrealist sculptors Alberto Giacometti, Bruno, decided to help his brother in prompting himself. He invited him to participate in National Exhibition organized in Zurich and Alberto gladly agreed. The artist arrived in Zurich, where the man, who was in charge for the show, met him. The organizer enthusiastically said, “We’ve already sent a truck to the railway station to transport his sculpture.”  Giacometti replied, “There’s no need. I have it with me.” Saying so, he took a largish matchbox out of his pocket. There was a tiny plaster figurine, 2 inches long, in it. “They’re going to be noticeable if you place them on one pedestal in the center of an empty hall,” he added.

The organizers rejects the sculpture and, unlike in most of the cases, the artist had to look for a compromise – they shipped another sculpture, made in 1934, from Paris.







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