Art In Short Stories: Ilya Repin

How to sell the work of a famous artist, that actually he has never done? You’ll know a recipe from a curious story, which happened to Ilya Repin (a famous Russian realist painter of the 19th cent.).

One woman bought for 10 rubles (a comparatively significant sum of money at those times) an absolutely vapid canvas on a market that was signed “I. Repin.” When that art-lover showed this piece to the painter, he just laughed at it, wrote “It’s not Repin” and left an autograph. In a few years an enterprising woman sold the work of an unknown author with the sign of a great master… now for 100 rubles!

Curious to know more about Ilya Repin and see more of his works? Here you’re!

Ilya Repin 01 Ilya Repin 02 Ilya Repin 03 Ilya Repin 04 Ilya Repin 05 Ilya Repin 06

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