Art In Short Stories: Sagrada Familia

It’s hard to believe that this walls on a black-and-white picture in a century would become one of the greatest architectural masterpieces – Antoni Gaudi‘s Sagrada Familia. More info on it.

This building evoked different feelings. For instance, George Orwell said it was “one of the most hideous buildings in the world” and rather hoped it would be destroyed during the Spanish Civil War. Salvador Dalí spoke of its “terrifying and edible beauty”, saying it should be kept under a glass dome. Walter Gropius, master of right-angled architecture and founder of the Bauhaus, praised its technical perfection. Louis Sullivan, the great American architect, and “father of skyscrapers”, described it as “spirit symbolised in stone.”

Anyway, it’s a great monument of human spirit and strive for creativity. Would you like to know how it’s supposed to look in 20026? Watch this!

Sagrada Familia 02 Sagrada Familia

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