Art In Short Stories: Takashi Hashiyama Collection

In 2005 one famous millionaire, Takashi Hashiyama, decided to sell his collection. He offered it to two famous auction houses – Chrisite’s and Sotheby’s, but they made absolutely analogic proposals. Hashiyama had no idea, which of the auction houses to choose, so send both of them the same telegram, asking to select… a weapon… Rock, paper or scissors! Christie’s chose scissors, defeating Sotheby’s paper. (Scissors cut paper, paper smothers rock, rock smashes scissors). And so the collection was sold as part of Christie’s sale of Impressionist and modern art.

The centerpiece of the company’s collection was Paul Cezanne’s “Les grands arbres au Jas de Bouffan”, which you can see here! To enjoy more of Cezanne’s works – follow the link.

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Art In Short Stories- Takashi Hashiyama Collection

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