Art robbery in Museo di Castelvecchio

Yesterday (Nov 20th) three masked robbers stole about 17 artworks, 11 of which were masterpieces, from a museum in the city of Verona in Italy. The city’s mayor said the theft at the Museo di Castelvecchio in northern Italy was done during the evening when security staff changed shifts and the museum was still open.
“Robbers entered the museum just at the time of exchange between museum staff and private security,” Mayor Flavio Tosi said in a statement. He mentioned that although the museum was under complete video surveillance, “the anti-theft systems, at the time of the robbery, were not yet activated”.

The least of stolen works:
•’Madonna With A Quail’ by Antonio Pisano
•’Saint Jerome’ by Jacopo Bellini
•’Holy Family with a Saint’ by Andrea Mantegna
•’Portrait of a Child with a Drawing’ and ‘Portrait of Young Benedictine’ by Giovanni Francesco Caroto
•’Nursing Madonna’, ‘Transport Ark of the Covenant’, ‘The Queen Of Sheba Before Solomon’, ‘Samson Killing the Philistines’, ‘Belshazzar’s Feast’ and ‘Portrait of a Venetian Admiral’ by Jacopo Tintoretto
•’Portrait of Marco Pasqualigo’ by Domenico Tintoretto
•’The Lady of Licnidi’ by Peter Paul Rubens
•’Landscape’ and ‘Seaport’ by Hans de Jode, and
•’Portrait of Girolamo Pompei’ by Giovanni Benini



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