Art Word: Stucco

Term Stucco defines  fine exterior or interior plasterwork used as three-dimensional ornamentation, as a smooth paintable surface, or as a wet ground for fresco painting. Stucco is made of a mixture of lime (often from marble), white-marble dust, and other ingredients, which might include wax, milk and other organic substances. Although it was known since the Antiquity (for instance, in ancient Greece, stucco was applied to both interior and exterior temple walls as early as 1400 BC), it reached the highest popularity during Baroque and Rococo epoch. Probably, this can be explained with its plasticity, which allowed the decorators to model smooth curves and realistic figures, like putties, flowers, etc. The Italian of stuccowork of the 16th – 18th cent. reached unbelievable  mastery, turning walls, columns or ceilings into true art pieces!
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