Annibale Carracci Paintings

Annibale Carracci Biography
Venus Adonis and Cupid
Venus with a Satyr and Cupids
Venus and Anchises
Venus and Adonis
Two Children Teasing a Cat
Triumph of Bacchus and Ariadne
Translation of the Holy House
The Virgin Appears to Sts Luke and Catherine
The Temptation of St Anthony Abbot
The Stoning of St. Stephen
The Samaritan Woman at the Well
The Penitent Magdalen in a Landscape
The Mystic Marriage of St Catherine
The Martyrdom of St. Stephen
The Laughing Youth
The Galleria Farnese
The Flight into Egypt
The Cyclops Polyphemus
The Coronation of St. Stephen
The Choice of Heracles
The Beaneater
The Baptism of Christ
St Margaret
St. Francis in Meditation
Sleeping Venus
Sheet of Caricatures
Self Portrait in Profile
Self Portrait
Roman River Landscape with Castle and Bridge
River Landscape
Rest on Flight into Egypt
Pietà with Sts Francis and Mary Magdalen
Mocking of Christ
Mercury and Paris
Madonna Enthroned with St. Matthew
Landscape with the Toilet of Venus
Lamentation of Christ
Homage to Diana
Holy Women at Christ’s Tomb
Head of a Man
Domine quo vadis?
Christ Wearing the Crown of Thorns Supported by Angels
Christ in Glory
Christ and the Woman of Samaria
Ceiling fresco
Butcher’s Shop
Assumption of the Virgin Mary
Assumption of the Virgin
Adorned by the Graces
An allegory of Truth and Time
Baptism of Christ
Corpse of Christ
Jupiter and Antiope
Jupiter and Juno
La Nuda
Landscape with bathers
Landscape with the sacrifice of Isaac
Perseus and Phineas
Portrait of Giovanni Gabrieli with the lute
Samson Imprisoned
Susanna and the Elders
The Butcher’s Shop
The Coronation of the Virgin
The Three Maries
Virgin and Child
Virgin and Unicorn