Anthony van Dyck Paintings

Anthony van Dyck Biography
Portrait of Marcello Durazzo
Portrait of a Young General
Portrait of Anna van Craesbecke
Portrait of Antonio de Tassis
Portrait of Cardinal Guido Bentivoglio
Portrait of Charles V on Horseback
APortrait of Father Jean-Charles della Faille SJ
Portrait of a Man
Portrait of a Married Couple
Portrait of a Member of the Balbi Family
Portrait of a Noble Genoese Lady
Portrait of a Woman
Portrait of an Old Man
Marie de Raet
Nicolaas Rockox
Philippe Le Roy
Portrait of the Sculptor Duquesnoy
Portrait of a Genoese Nobleman
Portrait of a Gentleman
Portrait of a Lady
Portrait of a Man in Armour with Red Scarf
Portrait of a Man
Anthony van Dyck-George Gage with Two Men
Isabella Brandt
Jupiter and Antiope
Lord John and Lord Bernard Stuart
Marchesa Elena Grimaldi
Marchesa Geronima Spinola
Entry of Christ into Jerusalem
Equestrian Portrait of Charles I, King of England
Family Portrait
Cupid and Psyche
Diana Cecil, Countess of Oxford
Double Portrait of the Painter Frans Snyders and his Wife
Emperor Theodosius Forbidden by St Ambrose To Enter Milan Cathedral
Abraham and Isaac
Blessed Joseph Hermann
Charles I of England and Henrietta of France
Charles I on Horseback
Charles I, King of England at the Hunt
Christ on the Cross
Cornelis van der Geest
Crowning with Thorns
An Apostle with Folded Hands
An Apostle
An Aristocratic Genoese