Arshile Gorky Paintings

Arshile Gorky Biography
Park Street Church
Bound in Sleep
Man’s Head
Portrait of Azadoohi (Liberty Miller)
Pears, Peaches, and Pitcher
Portrait of a Young Man
Staten Island
Still Life with Skull
Portrait of a Woman
Self-Portrait at the Age of Nine
Portrait of Master Bill
Untitled (Self-Portrait)
Still Life (Red and Yellow)
Untitled (Cubist Figure)
Blue Figure in a Chair
The Raven (Composition No. 3)
Nighttime, Enigma and Nostalgia
The Barber (Composition No. 5)
Night-time, Enigma, and Nostalgia
Portrait of Myself and My Imaginary Wife
Leonora Portnoff
Battle at Sunset with the God of Maize (Composition No. 1)
Child of an Idumean Night (Composition No. 4)
Image in Khorkom
Portrait of Akabi
Still Life (Composition No. 7)
The Artist with His Mother
The Artists’s Mother
Tracking Down Guiltless Doves
Woman with Necklace Marquette
Enigmatic Combat
Portrait of Ahko
Portrait (Head)
Hitler Invades Poland
Garden in Sochi
Garden in Sochi
How My Mother’s Embroidered Apron Unfolds in My Life
One Year the Milkweed
The Leaf of the Artichoke is an Owl
The Liver is the Cock’s Comb