Caspar David Friedrich Paintings

Caspar David Friedrich Biography
Wreck in the Sea of Ice
Wreck in the Moonlight
Woman before the Rising Sun (Woman before the Setting Sun)
Woman at a Window
Winter Landscape with Church
Winter Landscape
Winter Landscape
Village Landscape in Morning Light (The Lone Tree)
View of the Baltic
View of a Harbour
Two Men Contemplating the Moon
Two Men by the Sea
The Watzmann
The Wanderer above the Mists
The Tree of Crows
The Summer
The Sisters on the Balcony
The Sea of Ice
The Ruins of Eldena
The Riesengebirge
The Oaktree in the Snow
The North Sea in Moonlight
The Grosse Gehege near Dresden
The Cross in the Mountains
The Chasseur in the Forest
The Cemetery Gate (The Churchyard)
The Cemetery Entrance
The Abbey in the Oakwood
Self-Portrait with Cap and Sighting Eye-Shield
Seashore with Shipwreck by Moonlight
Rocky Reef on the Sea Shore
Rocky Ravine
Riesengebirge Landscape with Rising Fog
Pilgrimage at Sunset (Sunrise)
On the Sailing Boat
Oak in the Snow
Neubrandenburg in Flames (Sunrise near Neubrandenburg)
Mountainous River Landscape (Night Version)
Mountainous River Landscape (Day Version)
Mother Heiden
Morning in the Riesengebirge
Morning in the Mountains
Moonrise by the Sea
Moonrise by the Sea
Monk by the Sea
Meadows near Greifswald
Man and Woman Contemplating the Moon
Landscape with Pavilion
Landscape with Grave, Coffin and Owl
Greifwald Harbour
Graveyard under Snow
Giant Grave by the Sea
Fog in the Elbe Valley
Fir Trees in the Snow
Evening Landscape with Two Men
Easter Morning
Drifting Clouds
Dolmen in the Snow
Cross in the Mountains (Tetschen Altar)
Cross in the Mountains
Chalk Cliffs on Rugen
Chalk Cliffs at Rugen
Bohemian Landscape with Mount Milleschauer
Boats in the Harbour at Evening
Adolf Gottlieb Friedrich, Reading