Claude Monet Paintings

Claude Monet Biography
Ice Floes on the Seine near Bennecourt
Ice Floes
Houses on the Riverbank in Zaandam
Houses at Argenteuil
Hotel des Roches Noires in Trouville
Haystacks at Giverny
Haystacks at Giverny
Haystack, Effect of White Frost
Haystack in the Snow, Morning
Gondola in Venice
Gare Saint-Lazare: the Train from Normandy
Gare Saint-Lazare
Gare Saint-Lazare
Garden in Bloom in Sainte-Adresse
Garden at Sainte-Adresse
Floating Ice at Bennecourt
Fishing Boats in Honfleur
Fishing Boats
Fields of Bezons
Field of Yellow Irises at Giverny
Farm in Normandy
Étretat, La Porte d’Aval: Fishing Boats Leaving the Harbour
Étretat, La Manneporte, Reflections on the Sea
Entrance of the Grande Rue at Argenteuil in Winter
Creuse, Sunset
Corner of the Studio
Clifftop Walk at Pourville
Cliffs near Dieppe
Cap d’Antibes
Camille Monet on the Couch
Camille Monet on Her Deathbed
Camille Monet on a Garden Bench
Camille Monet in Japanese Costume
Camille (Woman in Green Dress)
Bridge over a Pond of Water Lilies
Bouquet of Sunflowers
Bouquet of Flowers
Boulevard Saint-Denis, Argenteuil, in Winter
Boulevard des Capucines
Boats on the Beach at Etretat
Beach at Sainte-Adresse
A Field of Poppies
A Corner of the Hoschedé Garden at Montgeron
A Cart on the Snowy Road at Honfleur