Edgar Degas Paintings

Edgar Degas Biography
Young Spartans Exercising
Women at the Terrace of a Cafe
Woman Seated Drying Herself
Woman Leaning on an Elbow beside a Vase of Flowers
Woman Ironing
Woman Ironing
Woman in Bath
Woman in Bath
Woman Having Her Hair Combed
Woman Combing Her Hair
Woman Combing Her Hair
Woman Combing Her Hair
Two Laundresses
Two Dancers at the Bar
Tired Dancer
Three Dancers
The Tub
The Tub
The Sufferings of the City of New Orleans
The Star-Dancer on the Stage
The Song Rehearsal
The Races Before the Start
The Race Track Amateur Jockeys by a Carriage
The Pedicurist
The Parade
The Orchestra at the Opera
The Millinery Shop
The Millinery Shop
The Mante Family
The Ironers
The Green Dancers
The Foyer of the Opera at Rue Le Peletier
The Dancing Class
The Dance Class
The Cotton Exchange in New Orleans
The Collector
The Blue Dancers
The Bellelli Family
The Ballet Scene from Meyerbeer’s Opera Robert le Diable
Edgar Degas-Studies for Portraits in a Frieze
Six Friends of the Artist
Singer with a Glove
Semiramis Building Babylon
Seated Woman
Rehearsal of a Ballet on Stage
Racehorses in Longchamps
Race Horses
Portraits of Lorenzo Pagans and Auguste Degas
Portrait of Therese de Gas
Portrait of Madame Paul Valpincon
Portrait of Madame Ernst May
Portrait of Hortense Valpincon as a Child
Portrait of Giulia Bellelli
Portrait of Edouard Manet
Portrait of a Young Woman
Place de la Concorde
Nude Stepping into a Bathtub
Musicians in the Orchestra
Music Hall Singer (La Chanson du Chien)
Music Hall Singer
Monsieur Gouffé Playing the Double Bass
Monsieur and Madame Edmondo Morbilli
Mademoiselle La La at the Cirque Fernando
Mademoiselle Fiocre in the Ballet “La Source”
Mademoiselle Dihau at the Piano
Madame René de Gas née Estelle Muston
Madame Jeantaud in the Mirror
Madame Camus at the Piano
Lady in Town Clothes
Jockeys in the Rain
Jephthah’s Daughter
Jacques Joseph Tissot
The Rape
Hilaire de Gas
Girl with a Hat
Gentlemen’s Race. Before the Start
Four Dancers
Edmond Duranty
Double Portrait
Dancers Preparing for the Ballet
Dancers Practicing at the Bar
Dancers in the Wings
Dancers at the Bar
Dancer with Bouquet
Café Concert at Les Ambassadeurs
Before the Race
Ballet Rehearsal
Ballet Class
Ballerina with a Bouquet, Curtsying
Aux Ambassadeurs: Mademoiselle Becat
At the Races in the Countryside
At the Mirror
At the Milliner’s
At the Milliner’s
At the Cafe des Ambassadeurs
At the Beach
After the Bath. Woman Drying Herself
Absinthe Drinkers
A Ballet Dancer in Position