El Lissitzky Paintings

El Lissitzky Biography
Reminiscence of Ravenna
Flying Sun
Book cover for Chad Gadya
Illustration to Aggadah
Illustration to Chad Gadya
Proun 1 C
Proun 5 A
Beat all the Scattered
Beat the Whites with the Red Wedge
Black Anxious
Book cover for Suprematic Tale About two Squares
Do not Read, Grab Bars, Paper, Pieces of Wood, Fold, Paint, Build
Flying to Earth from a Distance
Here are two Squares
Illustration to Suprematic tale about two Squares
Insert the Red and Clear on Black
Lenin Tribune
Preliminary Sketch for a Poster
Proun 30
Proun 4 B
Suprematic Tale About two Squares
There is Over
Cover of the Avant Guard Periodical Vyeshch
Proun 19D
Cover of Broom
New Man
Proun G7
Proun 99
Basic Calculus
Proun 3 A
Proun 43
Proun 8
Tatlin at Work