Eugene Delacroix Paintings

Eugene Delacroix Biography
Odalisque Reclining on a Divan
Mounay ben Sultan
Moroccan Women
Mlle Rose
Michelangelo in his Studio
Medea about to Kill her Children
Margarete in Church
Louis-Auguste Schwiter
Louis d’Orleans Showing his Mistress
Lion Hunt in Morocco
Lion Hunt
Lion Hunt
Liberty Leading the People (28th July 1830)
Jewish Wedding in Morocco
Jewish Bride
Jaguar Attacking a Horseman
Illustration for Goethe’s Faust
Horse Frightened by a Storm
Heliodoros Driven from the Temple
Hamlet and Horatio in the Graveyard
Hamlet and Horatio in the Graveyard
Greece on the Ruins of Missolonghi
Girl Seated in a Cemetery
George Sand
Frederic Chopin
Female Nude Killed from Behind
Female Nude Reclining on a Divan
Fan with Caricatures
Decoration of the west wall
Combat of the Giaour and the Pasha
Cleopatra and the Peasant
Christ on the Lake of Gennezaret (sketch)
Christ on the Lake of Gennezaret
Christ on the Cross (sketch)
Christ on the Cross
Bouquet of Flowers
Aspasia sketch
Arab Horses Fighting in a Stable
Arab Fantasia
Apollo Vanquishing the Python
Apollo Slays Python (sketch)
Apollo Slays Python
A Young Tiger Playing with its Mother
A Vase of Flowers on a Console
A Mortally Wounded Brigand Quenches his Thirst
A Moroccan Saddling a Horse
A Mad Woman
Yound Woman Leaning over a Woman Stretched out on the Ground
Woman with a Parrot
Two Women at the Well
Tiger Hunt
The Women of Algiers
The Sultan of Morocco and his Entourage
The Sea from the Heights of Dieppe
The Natchez
The Mediterranean
The Massacre of Chios
The Massacre at Chios
The Garonne
The Fanatics of Tangier
The Execution of Doge Marino Faliero
The Entry of the Crusaders into Constantinople
The Death of Sardanapalus
The Death of Ophelia
The Death of Ophelia
The Bride of Abydos
The Battle of Taillebourg (draft)
The Barque of Dante
The Abduction of Rebecca
The Abduction of Rebecca
Tasso in the Madhouse
Study of the Sky at Sunset
Study of Sky: Setting Sun
Study for the War coffer
Study for Jenny Le Guillou and Josephine de Forget
Still-Life with Lobster
St Michael defeats the Devil
Sketch for The Death of Sardanapalus
Sketch for Peace Descends to Earth
Sketch for Attila
Shipwreck of Don Juan
Self-Portrait with Cap
Self-Portrait as Ravenswood
Self Portrait