Frederic Bazille Paintings

Frederic Bazille Biography
After the Bath
Family Gathering
Girl in a Pink Dress
Louis Auriol Fishing
Portrait of Auguste Renoir
Self Portrait with Palette
The Artist’s Studio
The Terrace at Meric Oleander
View of the Village
Self Portrait
The Banks of the Lez
Man with a Cigar
Portrait of Alphonse Tissie
Two Herrings
Portrait of a Man
Studio of the Rue Visconti
Self Portrait at Saint Sauveur
The Little Gardener
Study of Flowers
Village Street Chailly
Landscape at Chailly
Fontainebleau Forest
The Scoter
Reclining Nude
Man with a Pipe
Grape Picker in a Yellow Hat
Grape Picker in a Cap
Beach at Sainte Adresse
The Dog Rita Asleep
Fortune Teller
The Ramparts at Aigues Mortes
Edouard Blau
Young Woman with Peonies
La Toilette
Negress with Peonies
Port of the Queen at Aigues Mortes
Fisherman with a Net
Still Life with Fish
Aigues Mortes
Atelier de la Rue Furstenberg
The Improvised Field Hospital