Giovanni Battista Tiepolo Paintings

Giovanni Battista Tiepolo Biography
A Seated Man and a Girl with a Pitcher
Abraham and the Three Angels
Abraham Praying before the Three Angels
Adoration of the Magi
Aeneas Introducing Cupid Dressed as Ascanius to Dido
Allegory of Merit Accompanied by Nobility and Virtue
Allegory of Strength and Wisdom
Allegory of the Planets and Continents
An Allegory with Venus and Time
Angel Holding Two Scrolls
Angelic Musicians and Putti
Angelica and Medoro with the Shepherds
Angelica Carving Medoro’s Name on a Tree
Apollo and Diana
Apollo and Daphne
Apollo and Marsyas
Apollo and the Continents
Apparition of the Virgin to St Simon Stock
Apparition of the Virgin to St Simon Stock
Assumption of the Virgin
Bellerophon on Pegasus
Carrying the Cross
Ceiling Decoration
Ceiling Decoration
Ceiling Decoration
Ceiling Frescoes
Christ Carrying the Cross
Discovery of the True Cross
Education of the Virgin
Eurybates and Talthybios Lead Briseis to Agamemmon
Family of Darius before Alexander
Fortitude and Justice
Gloria and Fama Surrounded by the Four Cardinal Virtues
Hagar and Ishmael in the Wilderness
Jacob Wrestling with the Angel
Jacobs Dream
Jacobs Reconciliation with Esau
John the Baptist Preaching
King David Playing the Harp
Last Communion of St Lucy
Madonna of the Goldfinch
Maecenas Presenting the Liberal Arts to Emperor Augustus
Mars, Venus, and Amor
Mercury Appearing to Aeneas
Neptune Offering Gifts to Venice
Orlando Rescues Angelica from a Monster
Phaethon and Apollo
Pope St Clement Adoring the Trinity