Ilya Repin Paintings

Ilya Repin Biography
Tolstoy Resting in the Woods
They did not Expect Him
The Volga Bargemen
Procession in the Province of Kursk
Portrait of the Artist’s Daughter Vera
Portrait of Sofia Mikhailovna Dragomirova
In the Sun
A Young Man in Military Uniform
A Newspaper Seller in Paris
Woman’s Head (VA Repina Lying in Bed)
Slavic Composers
Haulers Cross Wade
Barge Haulers at the Fire
Youth Portrait of Sculptor Ilya Yakovlevich Ginzburg
Raising of Jairus Daughter
Raising of Jairus Daughter
Portrait of a Kalmyk
Shiryaev Gully on the Volga
Seller of Student Works at the Academy of Arts
Raising of Jairus Daughter
Portrait of P.P. Chistyakov
Portrait of an Old Woman
Landscape of the Volga with Boats
Italian Models
Fishing Nets. Shiryaevo
Cry of Prophet Jeremiah on the Ruins of Jerusalem (on a Bible Subject)
Barge Haulers Pulling on the Strap
Barge Haulers on the Volga
Academic Keeper Efimov
Portrait of Vera Shevtsova
Portrait of AI Shevtsov
Job and His Friends
Calvary Crucifixion
The Merchant Kalashnikov
Portrait of the Architect Philip Dmitrievich Hloboschin
Tatyana Repina the Artist’s Mother
Portrait of V.E. Repin the Artist’s Brother
Portrait of Ivan Stepanovich Panov
Portrait of a Boy
Diogenes and the Boy
Ecce Homo
Sitting Model
Portrait of the Military
Portrait of Sculptor Mark Matveevich Antokolski
Portrait of Yanitskaya
Portrait of Doctor Constantine Franzevich Yanitsky
Preparation for the Examination
Portrait of AE Arkhipov
Portrait of A Bocharova Artist’s Aunts