Jean Chardin Paintings

Jean Chardin Biography
Young Sketcher
Woman Taking Tea
Woman Peeling Turnips
Water Glass and Jug
The Youth with a Violin
The Young Schoolmistress
The Soap Bubble
The Silver Tureen
The Silver Cup
The Ray
The Provider
The Prayer before Meal
The Prayer before Meal
The Little Schoolmistress
Jean Chardin-The Little Schoolmistress
The Laundress
The Kitchen Maid
The House of Cards
The House of Cards
The Hard-working Mother
The Draughtsman
The Copper Drinking Fountain
The Canary
The Buffet
The Attributes of the Arts with a Bust of Mercury
The Attributes of Painting and Sculpture
The Attributes of Art
The Attentive Nurse
Still-Life with Two Rabbits
Still-Life with Pipe an Jug
Still-Life with Jar of Olives
Still-Life with Game
Still-Life with Dead Pheasant and Hunting Bag
Still-Life with Cat and Rayfish
Still-Life with Cat and Fish
Still-Life with Attributes of the Arts
Still-Life with a White Mug
Soap Bubbles
La Pourvoyeuse
Self-Portrait with an Eyeshade
Sealing the Letter
Pears Walnuts and Glass of Wine
Madame Chardin
The Governess
Grapes and Pomegranates
Girl with Racket and Shuttlecock
Game Still-Life with Hunting Dog
Fruit Jug and a Glass
Basket of Peaches with Walnuts Knife and Glass of Wine
Attributes of Music
A Vase of Flowers
A Child with a Teetotum
A Lean Diet with Cooking Utensils