Jean Francois Millet Paintings

Jean Francois Millet Biography
Young Shepherdess
Trussing Hay
The Winnower
The Gleaners
The Angelus
Peasant-Girls with Brushwood
Peasant with a Wheelbarrow
Hunting Birds at Night
Haystacks: Autumn
Farmer Inserting a Graft on a Tree
Catherine Lemaire
Buckwheat Harvest: Summer
Study for a Woman Feeding Chickens
Death and the Woodcutter
Women Carrying Faggots
The Infant (The Sick Child)
Woman with a Rake
The Knitting Shepherdess
Shepherdess Seated on a Rock
A Shepherdess and Her Flock in the Shade of Trees
Woman Carding Wool
The Diggers
Manor Farm Cousin in Greville
The Dresser in Gruchy
Woman Baking Bread
The Carder
Manor farm Cousin in Greville
Harvesters Resting
Going to Work
The Wood Sawyers
The Sower
The Rock of Castel Vendon
The Blacksmith and His Bride
The Bather
Oedipus Taken Down from the Tree
Young Girl Playing Mandolin
Young Woman
Portrait of a Man
Offering to Pan
Portrait of Pauline Ono
Portrait of Armand Ono
The Countess of Valmont
Portrait of Javain (Mayor of Cherbourg)
Louise-Antoinette Feuardent
The Nun’s Parrot
Portrait Of Eugene Canoville
Leconte de Lisle