Jusepe de Ribera Paintings

Jusepe de Ribera Biography
Vision of St Bruno
The Martyrdom of St Andrew
The Lamentation
The Holy Family with St Catherine
The Holy Family
The Duel of Isabella de Carazzi and Diambra de Pottinella
St Sebastian Tended by the Holy Women
St Peter
St Paul the Hermit
St John the Baptist in the Desert
St Jerome and the Angel
St Jerome and the Angel
St Jerome and the Angel
St Jerome
St Christopher
St Andrew
St Andrew
St Albert
Sense of Taste
Saint Onufri
Saint Jerome
Portrait of a Jesuit Missionary
Mater Dolorosa
Mary Magdalene in the Desert
Martyrdom of St Philip
Landscape with Shepherds
Jacob’s Dream
Jacob Receives Isaac’s Blessing
Holy Trinity
Hercules at Rest
Clubfooted Boy
Magdalena Ventura with Her Husband and Son
Apollo Flaying Marsyas
Apollo and Marsyas
An Old Money-Lender
Adoration of the Shepherds