Nicolas Poussin Paintings

Nicolas Poussin Biography
Rinaldo and Armida
Rescue of Young King Pyrrhus
Rebecca at the Well
Polyphemus Discovers Acis and Galatea
Pan and Syrinx
Nymphs Feeding the Child Jupiter
Midas and Bacchus
Massacre of the Innocents II
Massacre of the Innocents I
Landscape with the Gathering of the Ashes of Phocion by his Widow
Landscape with the Funeral of Phocion
Landscape with St Matthew and the Angel
Landscape with Saint Jerome
Landscape with Polyphemus
Landscape with Orpheus and Euridice
Landscape with Diogenes
Landscape with Diana and Orion
Landscape with a Man Killed by a Snake
Lamentation over the Body of Christ
Joshua’s Victory over the Amorites
Ideal Landscape
Holy Family on the Steps
Holy Family on the Steps
Helios and Phaethon with Saturn and the Four Seasons
Hagar and the Angel
Finding of Moses II
Et in Arcadia Ego II
Et in Arcadia Ego I
Echo and Narcissus
Death of the Virgin
Dance to the Music of Time
Crossing of the Red Sea
Christ Healing the Blind
Bacchic Scene
Bacchanal: the Andrians
Bacchanal of Putti II
Bacchanal of Putti I
Bacchanal before a Statue of Pan
Assumption of the Virgin
Apollo and the Muses (Parnassus)
Apollo and Daphne
Apollo and Daphne
Adoration of the Magi
Acis and Galatea
A Roman Road
A Dance to the Music of Time
A Bacchic Scene