Oskar Kokoschka Paintings

Oskar Kokoschka Biography
Adolf Loos
Bride of the Wind
Children Playing
Crucifixion (Golgotha)
Dent du Midi
Dolomite Landscape Tre Croci
Girl with a Yellow Headband
Gitta Wallerstein
Illustration for Die Traumenden Knaben
Lovers with Cat
Adele Astaire
Alma Mahler
Bessie Bruce
The Annunciation
The Elbe at Dresden
The Pagans
The Hunt
Self-Portrait with Doll
Arnonld Schönberg
Girl with Hands Raised
Martha Hirsch
Hans Tietze and Erica Tietze-Conrat
Veronica’s Veil
Child with the Hands of a Parent
Ludwing Ritter von Janikowsky
Conte Verona
Paul Scheebart
Emil Lowenbach
Egon Wellesz
Double Nude: Two Women
Two Nudes (Lovers)
Venice – Boats on the Dogana
View of Constantinople
The Morabito of Temacina
Arab Woman and Child
A Girl with Flowers
View of Prague
Charles Bridge
Anschluß – Alice in Wonderland
Polperro II
Portrait of Lotte Franzos
Poster Design for the Jubilee Procession of the Kaiser
Self Portrait with Crossed Arms
Self-portrait of a Degenerate Artist