Paul Klee Paintings

Paul Klee Biography
Rising Sun
Apparatus for the Magnetic Treatment of Plants
The Signatories to the Window
Flower Stand with Watering Can and Bucket
Houses near the Gravel Pit
Colour Shapes
Hammamet with Mosque
In the Houses of St. Germain
Red and White Domes
Remembrance of a Garden
Windows and Palm Trees
In the Style of Kairouan
View Towards the Port of Hammamet
Foehn Wind in Marc’s Garden
Side Panels for “Anatomy of Aphrodite”
Pious Northern Landscape
The Chapel
City of Churches
Flower Myth
Once Emerged from the Gray of Night
Two Country Houses
A Pressure of Tegernsee
Asian Entertainers
Cosmic Composition
Full Moon
Little Tree Amid Shrubbery
Southern Tunisian Gardens
Still Life with Thistle Bloom
Summer Houses
Villa R
With the Setting Sun
Bad Band
Before the Snow
Destroyed Place
Rose Garden
The Lamb
Veil Dance
Temple Gardens
A Young Ladys Adventure
Bird Wandering Off
Diana in the Autumn Wind
Dream City
Ravaged Land
Six Species
Southern Gardens
The Saint of Inner Light