Salvator Rosa Paintings

Salvator Rosa Biography
Wooded Landscape
View of the Gulf of Salerno
The Shade of Samuel Appears to Saul
The Prodigal Son
Self-Portrait as Philosopher of Silence
Rocky Landscape with Waterfall
Rocky Landscape with a Huntsman and Warriors
River Landscape with Apollo and the Cumean Sibyl
Pythagoras and the Fisherman
Portrait of the Artist’s Wife Lucrezia
Portrait of a Philosopher
Portrait of a Man
Odysseus and Nausicaa
Marine Landscape with Towers
Human Fragility
Heroic Battle
Harbour with Ruins
Grotto with Cascades
Evening Landscape
Diogenes Casting away his Cup
Democritus in Meditation
Anchorites Tempted by Demons
A Friar Tempted by Demons
A Battle Scene
Witches at their Incantations
Three Marys at the Sepulchre
Soldiers in a Rocky Gorge
Soldiers Gambling
Self Portrait
Saint John the Baptist Revealing Christ to the Disciples
Saint John the Baptist Baptising Christ in the Jordan
Rocky Landscape with Three Figures
Rocky Landscape with Herdsmen and Cattle
The Nurture of Jupiter
Landscape with Travellers asking the Way
Landscape with Tobit and the Angel
Landscape with Tobias and the Angel
Landscape with Brigands
Landscape with Mercury and the Dishonest Woodman
Jacob’s Dream
The Infant Erichthonius Delivered to the Daughters of Cyclops to be Educated
The Good Samaritan
The Flight into Egypt
A Coastal Scene
The Baptism of the Eunuch
Allegory of Fortune