Tamara de Lempicka Paintings

Tamara de Lempicka Biography
Portrait of Baroness Renata Treves
Two Little Girls with Ribbons
Two Women with Cloches
Group of Four Nudes
The Model
Seated Nude
Seated Nude
Two Nudes in Perspective
Nude on a Terrace
Irene and Her Sister
Portrait of the Duchess of Valmy
Portrait of Kizette
Portrait of Madame Zanetos
Head of a Woman
Bottle and Cauliflower
Broom and Pitcher
Broom and Turned-Around Painting
A Harbor in the Moonlight
The Red Bird
The Open Book
Still Life with a Russian Doll
The Green Veil
Woman Figure
Double “47”
The Gypsy
The Louis-Philippe Decanter
Il fondo rosa (Portrait of Bibi Zogbe)
Seated Nude
The Sleeping Girl
Seated Nude
Seated Nude in Profile
A Street at Night
Nude, Blue Background
Two Girlfriends
Abstract Composition
Abstract Composition
The Kiss
Redheaded Woman Reading
Portrait of a Little Girl with Her Teddy Bear
Portrait of a Polo Player
Portrait of a Young Lady in a Blue Dress
The Fortune-Teller
Bouquet of Hortensias and Lemon
Flowerpot with Fuchsias
Woman Wearing a Shawl, in Profile
The Chinese Man
Portrait of Ira Perrot