Théodore Géricault Paintings

Théodore Géricault Biography
Wounded Soldiers Retrating from Russia
Torso of a Man
The Wreck
The Wounded Officer of the Imperial Guard Leaving the Battlefield
The Retreat from Russia
The Raft of the Medusa
The Plaster Kiln
The Kiss
The Horse Race
The Epsom Derby
Swiss Guard and Wounded Veteran
Study of Feet and Hands
Study of a Male Nude
Study of a Head
Riderless Horse Races
Portrait of an Artist in His Studio
Portrait of a Man
Portrait of a Kleptomaniac
Man with Delusions of Military Command
Horse Market: Five Horses at the Stake
Heroic Landscape with Fishermen
Grey Horse Called L_Aly
English Horse in Stable
An Officer of the Chasseurs Commanding a Charge
A Turk
A Madwoman and Compulsive Gambler
A Carabinier with his Horse
Dead Cat
Brown Horse in the Stalls
Arabian Stallion led by two Arabians to Breed
Alfred Dedreux as a Child
A Young Negro Woman
A Portrait Of A Young Man
The Horse Race
Study of a Dapple Grey
The Insane
Portrait of a Man, The Vendean
The Madwoman, or The Obsession of Envy
Coal Cars
The Tempest
Horse in the Storm
Head of an Oriental, or Portrait Presumed to be Mustapha
The Page Mazeppa
Young Blond Man
Study for The Raft of the Medusa
Portrait of Alfred and Elizabeth Dedreux
Portrait of Louise Vernet as a Child
Portrait of Eugene Delacroix
Head of a Shipwrecked Man
Head of a Drowned Man
Anatomical Pieces
Study for the Race of the Barbarian Horses
Slaves Stopping a Horse, Study for The Race of the Barbarian Horses
The Three skulls
Study of a Man
Head of a Horseman