William Hogarth Paintings

William Hogarth Biography
The Servants of the Painter
The Lady’s Last Stake
Self Portrait
David Garrick and his Wife
The Triumph of Representatives
The Polling
The Banquet
Moses Brought to the Pharaoh’s Daughter
The March of the Guards to Finchley
Moses Brought Before Pharaoh’s Daughter
Visit with the Quack Doctor
The Wedding Banquet
The Murder of the Count
The Countess’s Morning Levee
The Ball
Suicide of the Countess
David Garrick as Richard III
The Staymaker
Portrait of Madam Salter
Portrait of Bischofs Benjamin Hoadly
Characters and Caricaturas
The Graham Children
The Enraged Musician
William Jones
Satan Sin and Death
Portrait of Lady Mary Grey and Lord George Grey
Portrait of Captain Coram
George Arnold
Mrs Catherine Edwards
Strolling Actresses Dressing in Barn
Portrait of Dr Benjamin Hoadly
Portrait of Augusta of Saxe Gotha
The Prison
The Pool of Bethesda
The Distrest Poet
Rake’s Progress The Gaming House
The Madhouse
The Heir
The Arrest for Theft
Portrait of Sarah Macholm in Prison
The Fountaine Family
The Sleeping Church
The Denunciation
The Beggar’s Opera
Prospero and Miranda from The Tempest of William Shakespeare
Portrait of Mary Edwards
The Orgy Scene in a Tavern
The Strode Family
The Shrimp Girl
The Painter and his Pug
The Marriage of Stephen Beckingham and Mary Cox
Soliciting Votes
Portrait of a Young Woman
Marriage a la Mode
Marriage a la Mode
Gin Lane
Before the Seduction and After
An Election Entertainment