Caspar David Friedrich was born Today

On this day‬ Caspar David Friedrich was born in 1774. He was a 19th-century German Romantic landscape painter, probably the most outstanding representative of his generation:

Caspar was a very prolific author, having created numerous canvases. And most of them were united by the same feature: they often depict a person surrounded by overwhelming natural landscapes and seen from a raised point of view. One can even wonder how those strangers managed to get in such distant locations. The breathtaking distance doesn’t even allow to see their footprints on a snow or sand. But inner voices suggests that there’s not footprints at all. And those tiny figures a placed there, like a divine reminding of something we’ll never know…

Because of these little humans on his canvases Caspar David Friedrich is thought to be the poet and prophet of godsforsakennes: all his heroes are too lonely and seen from too high above. And we wish to know, what’s there in that look – compassion or indifference.

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