Celebrating life: Jacob Jordaens

On this day a wonderful artist Jacob Jordaens died in 1678. He, along with Anthony van Dyck and Peter Paul Rubens, is one of the greatest masters of Flemish baroque painting.

Jordaens was only 6 years older than van Dyck, yet their art is rather contrasting, both because of their lives and creative intentions. Van Dyck gained recognition for the official portraits of the aristocrats. But, by the will of the destiny, Anthony gained fame not on his Motherland but abroad, when he worked in Italy and England, where the painter cooperated with the nobility. Pieces that brought honor to Jordaens, conversely, were inspired exclusively by the national lifestyle and temperament. Not surprisingly he is believed to be the most ‘Flemish’ of all artist. Full of ‘joie de vivre,‘ flashing with cunning and frolic humor, his images are truly connected with old Netherlandish tradition. Such native traits as love to mundane scenes, real and concrete things, characteristic and eloquent details were fully embodied on his canvases. So let’s charge ourselves and brighten this Sunday with amazing vigorousness of Jordaens’ genius!






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