Chardin: The Quiet Art

A wonderful French master of the 18th century, Jean Baptiste Simeon Chardin, was born on this day in 1699.

The art of the 18th century in France was the period when Rococo flourished. Yet Chardin’s painting was much less sugary then the art of his colleagues; he inclined to chose unpretentious still life genre or some scenes of the mundane life of simple people rather then showing the feasting life of the aristocracy. Though the master’s paintings are rather calm, they’re still full of warm feelings. Not surprisingly Chardin is believe to be the author of this quote: “Who told you that one paints with colors? One makes use of colors, but one paints with emotions.”

We are happy to offer you a selection of Chardin’s portraits of kids. Enjoy!




Chardin, La Gouvernante (Governess) 1738.jpg




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