Claude Monet Eye Problem

Did you know that towards the end of his life Claude Monet had cataract? He agreed to surgery to totally remove the lense in his left eye in 1923 at the age of 82 and the operation was a success. There were no replacement implant lenses at the time and he had to wear thick glasses but his vision was transformed.

However, the operation had an unexpected side effect; as mentioned before it’s claimed that he began seeing the world with UV vision. His palette which before the operation had been red, brown and earthy took on a more bluish hue.

That’s why the he saw the lilies (whi resembles white to a normal vision) from his famous late canvases as light blue!

Just compare this two works – the right one was done after the operation and the left one – in 1899! The diference is obvious.

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monet 2




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