Open access policy for images of work of art presumed in the public domain.

With the launch of Bestarts.og, we implements an open access policy for digital images of works of art that we believes to be in the public domain. Images of these works are now available free of charge for any use, commercial or non-commercial. Users do not need to contact us for authorization to use these images.

Any statement on the public domain status of a work is made by in good faith.
While Bestrarts makes every effort to accurately determine the rights status of works and their images, this information is provided without any warranty.
As an end user, you are solely responsible for the download or use of any images from the Bestarts’s site.

What is Public Domain?

A work is in the public domain if it is no longer under copyright protection. A work in the public domain may be ineligible for protection, its protection may have expired, or it may have been placed in the public domain by its creator. Works in the public domain may be freely used without permission of the former copyright holder.

Commonly cited guidelines used to make good faith determinations of public domain status include the date of creation (often prior to 1923) or the date of death of the creator (life + 70 years.) Here are a few recognized resources on determining public domain:’_copyright_length