Delight for eye: The art of Hiroshige

On this day in 1858 died Utagawa Hiroshige, also known as Andō Hiroshige – a prominent Japanese master of the ukiyo-e – a genre of woodblock prints and paintings that flourished in Japan from the 17th through 19th centuries. Hiroshige is believed to be one of the greatest artists, whose talent enabled him to create both beautiful landscpaes, portraits and images of flora an fauna.

It’s interesting that Japanese artists of the past used to adopt special names after finishing their apprenticeship, which could tell you a lot about his personality, since they always contained part of the names of their teachers. For instance, the first signof Hiroshige’s name (広) were taken from his master Toyohiro. But the artist often used to sign his works as Ichiyūsai that could be translated as “the one, who is concentrated in art.” A pretty eloquent illustration for Hiroshige’s attitude towards what he was doing, isn’t it?


hiroshige-04  hiroshige-03


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