Elmyr de Hory: A Master of Deception


Some of falsifiers of art were so skillful that their fakes attracted the attention of art collectors and were openly sold along with true masterpieces. One of them was Hungarian-born Elmyr de Hory, who became known as one of the best forgers in painting. Starting is ‘career’ with imitation of Picasso’s pieces, de Hory managed to sell thousands of fakes during his life, though they can’t be called fakes legally since no of his works was signed with the name of the original’s author.  His talent for imitation became so widely-known that now the fakes of his fakes appear on the art market . For instance, in 2014 two works in Monet’s style, arrogated to Elmyr, were put up to auction in New Zealand, however an expert in de Hory’s legacy managed to identify the fact of double-counterfeit. Here they are:


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