Hieronymus Bosch, medieval surrealist

Today, 499 years ago (on 9th August, 1516) Hieronymus Bosch died. This “Medieval surrealist” is one of the most mysterious artists in the whole history. Unusually for the time, he is believed to have signed some of his works. However, only seven of his paintings are signed, and there is some uncertainty whether all the paintings once ascribed to him were actually from his hand. The problem of attribution is exacerbated because his style was highly influential, and was widely imitated by his numerous followers.

Bosch is probably one of the most obsessed with details painters. So here you’re a selection of some fragments of his pieces! Enjoy and don’t forget to share!

Hieronymus Bosch 05

Hieronymus Bosch 04

Hieronymus Bosch 03

Hieronymus Bosch 02

Hieronymus Bosch 01



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