Jacques-Louis David was born today

On this day‬ Jacques-Louis David was born in 1748! He was a major representative of Neoclassicism in French art.

David’s canvases illustrate one key feature of Neoclassic art and its opposition to the following Romanticism- predominance of drawing over colour (which can seem strange for painting!). Not surprisingly Ingres (another great neoclassic master) said, “Drawing includes three and a half quarters of the content of painting… Drawing contains everything, except the hue.”

And it’s fully explains the method of neoclassicists – they first shaped up figures with clear lines and then “coloured” them.

Why not to enjoy the virtuosity of David’s drawings? Here you are!

Jacques-Louis David 01Jacques-Louis David 02Jacques-Louis David 03Jacques-Louis David 04Jacques-Louis David 05Jacques-Louis David 06

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