Louvre - Paintings

Blind Man’s Bluff
Portrait of a Young Artist (presumed to be Jacques Andre Naigeon)
Study for Madonna and Child with St Anne
Study for the Madonna with the Fruit Bowl
Study of a woman’s head
Study of St Anne, Mary and the Christ Child
Various figure studies
Self Portrait
Self-Portrait with Cap
Shipwreck of Don Juan
Sketch for Attila
Sketch for The Death of Sardanapalus
Still-Life with Lobster
Study for the War coffer
Study of Sky: Setting Sun
Study of the Sky at Sunset
The Abduction of Rebecca
The Barque of Dante
The Battle of Taillebourg (draft)
The Death of Sardanapalus
The Entry of the Crusaders into Constantinople
The Massacre at Chios
The Massacre of Chios
The Sea from the Heights of Dieppe
The Women of Algiers
Tiger Hunt
Two Women at the Well
Yound Woman Leaning over a Woman Stretched out on the Ground
Rodolphe Bresdin
Adoration of the Magi
Double Portrait
On the Road
Man Standing Leaning on a Stick
Edge of the Forest at Fontainebleau Setting Sun
Marsh in the Landes
Oak Grove, Apremont
Landscape in Auvergne
The Avenue of Chestnut Trees
Heroic Battle
Rocky Landscape with a Huntsman and Warriors
The Shade of Samuel Appears to Saul
David with the Head of Goliath
Ecce Homo
Hercules on the Pyre
Hercules Vanquishing the Hydra of Lerma
The Rape of Deianira
The Rape of Helena
Master Hare
Bathsheba at Her Bath
Holy Family
Madonna and Child with St Catherine and a Rabbit
Jupiter and Antiope
Entombment of Christ
Crowning with Thorns
Apparition of the Virgin to St Simon Stock
Apollo and Daphne
Landscape with a River and a Bay in the Background
The Virgin of Chancellor Rolin
Madonna of Victory
Pallas Expelling the Vices from the Garden of Virtue
St Sebastian
The Young Beggar
The Holy Family The Seville Virgin
Birth of the Virgin
Angels Kitchen
Portrait of a Man (Il Condottiere)
Christ at the Column
The Gleaners
The Winnower
Trussing Hay
Apollo and Marsyas
Combat of Love and Chastity
Portrait of Madame Pontillon
La Bataille d’Arbelles
Le Crucifix aux Anges
Portrait of Charles Le Brun
Nicolas de Largilliere
Portrait of Louis Testelin, Painter
Adoration of the Shepherds
Alexander and Porus
Allegory: Sculpture Working on the King’s Bust
Chancellor Seguier at the Entry of Louis XIV into Paris
Entry of Alexander into Babylon
Expressions of the Passions of the Soul
Holy Family with the Adoration of the Child
Louis XIV
Louis XIV Visiting the Gobelins Factory
Physiognomic Heads Inspired by a Camel
Physiognomic Heads Inspired by a Weasel
The Repentant Magdalen
Charles I, King of England at the Hunt
Portrait of a Noble Genoese Lady
Diana at her Bath
Gathering in the Park
Jupiter and Antiope
Nude with Right Arm Raised
La Finette
The Blunder
Studies of Women’s Heads
Portrait of a Gentleman
The Embarkation for Cythera
Two Cousines
The Judgment of Paris
Two Seated Women
Prince Marcantonio Doria
Presentation in the Temple
Heavenly Charity
Gaucher de Châtillon, Connétable
Allegory of Wealth
Allegory of Virtue
Allegory of Peace
Infanta Margarita
Apollo and Daphne
Bacchanal: the Andrians
Christ Healing the Blind
Echo and Narcissus
Et in Arcadia Ego II
Finding of Moses II
Landscape with Diogenes
Landscape with Orpheus and Euridice
Rebecca at the Well
Rescue of Young King Pyrrhus
The Lacemaker
The Astronomer
Landscape with Paris and Oenone
Port Scene with the Departure of Ulysses from the Land of the Feaci
Seaport with the Campidoglio
The Campo Vaccino, Rome
The Disembarkation of Cleopatra at Tarsus
Ulysses Returns Chryseis to her Father
Joan of Arc at the Coronation of Charles VII in Reims Cathedral
Madame Riviere
Mademoiselle Caroline Riviere
Monsieur Bertin
Monsieur Riviere
Oedipus and the Sphynx
Roger Freeing Angelica
The Apotheosis of Homer
The Birth of the Last Muse
The Grand Odalisque
The Sword of Henri IV
The Turkish Bath
The Valpincon Bather
The Violinist Niccolo Paganini
Portrait of Edme Bochet
Flowers in a Vase
Illustration in the Noa-Noa Album
Pastoral Concert
Portrait of an Old Woman
Diptych of Jean de Cellier
Angel with an Olive Branch
Portrait of Louise Vernet as a Child
Study for The Raft of the Medusa
Portrait of a Man, The Vendean
The Horse Race
Dead Cat
A Madwoman and Compulsive Gambler
A Turk
An Officer of the Chasseurs Commanding a Charge
English Horse in Stable
Horse Market: Five Horses at the Stake
Portrait of a Man
Portrait of an Artist in His Studio
Riderless Horse Races
Swiss Guard and Wounded Veteran
The Epsom Derby
The Plaster Kiln
The Raft of the Medusa
The Retreat from Russia
The Wounded Officer of the Imperial Guard Leaving the Battlefield
The Wreck
Public Felicity Triumphant over Dangers
Rest on the Flight into Egypt
Lady Alston
Conversation in a Park
Lady Alston
The Coronation of the Doge
The Doge at the Basilica of La Salute
The Doge on the Bucentaur at San Niccolo del Lido
The Doge on the Bucintoro near the Riva di Sant’Elena
Still-Life: A Butcher’s Counter
The Countess del Carpio, Marquesa de la Solana
Head of a Woman
Portrait of Anne of Cleves
Coresus at Callirhoe
Jean Claude Richard (Abbot of Saint-Non)
Marie Madeleine Guimard
Monsieur de la Breteche
The Bolt
The Storm
Match to Powderkeg
Adoration of the Shepherds
Denis Diderot
Music Lesson
Night Scene
The Bathers
The Shirt Withdrawn
Mars and Venus
The Contest of the Pierides
Revelry at an Inn
Antonio de Covarrubias
Christ on the Cross Adored by Two Donors
An Old Man and His Grandson
Female Nude from Behind
Portrait of a Man
La belle Ferroniere
Mona Lisa (La Gioconda)
St John in the Wilderness (Bacchus)
St John the Baptist
The Virgin and Child with St Anne
Virgin of the Rocks
Adoration of the Shepherds
Clubfooted Boy
Lovers of prints
The Tree of Crows
Head of a Young Man
Madonna and Child with St Elisabeth the Infant St John and Two Angels
The Card-Players
Woman Peeling Vegetables in the Back Room of a Dutch House
Young Woman Drinking
Sigismondo Pandolfo Malatesta
The Molo, Seen from the Bacino di San Marco
The Lictors Returning to Brutus the Bodies of his Sons
Study for the Distribution of the Eagle Standards
The Arrival at the Hotel de Ville
The Combat of Mars and Minerva
The Empress Josephine Kneeling with Mme de la Rochefoucauld and Mme de la Valette
The Intervention of the Sabine Women
Allegory of the French People Offering the Crown and Sceptre to the King
Andromache Mourning Hector
Consecration of the Emperor Napoleon I and Coronation of the Empress Josephine
Homer Reciting his Verses to the Greeks
Leonidas at Thermopylae
Madame Raymond de Verninac
Madame Recamier
Madame Trudaine
Marie Antoinette on the Way to the Guillotine
Portrait of Emilie Seriziat and her Son
Portrait of Gaspar Mayer
Portrait of General Bonaparte
Portrait of Pierre Seriziat
Portrait of Pope Pius VII
Portrait of the Artist
Portrait of the Marquise d’Orvilliers
The Loves of Paris and Helen
The Oath of the Horatii
View of the Tiber and Castel St Angelo
A Young Tiger Playing with its Mother
Apollo Slays Python
Apollo Slays Python (sketch)
Apollo Vanquishing the Python
Arab Fantasia
Arab Horses Fighting in a Stable
Aspasia sketch
Bouquet of Flowers
Female Nude Reclining on a Divan
Female Nude Killed from Behind
Frederic Chopin
Girl Seated in a Cemetery
Hamlet and Horatio in the Graveyard
Illustration for Goethe’s Faust
Jewish Bride
Jewish Wedding in Morocco
Liberty Leading the People (28th July 1830)
Medea about to Kill her Children
Mlle Rose
Mounay ben Sultan
St. Thomas
St. Sebastien Attended by St. Irene
Magdalen of Night Light
Christ in the Carpenter’s Shop
Cheater with the Ace of Diamonds
Adoration of the Shepherds
Music Hall Singer
Portrait of Giulia Bellelli
A Lean Diet with Cooking Utensils
A Child with a Teetotum
Attributes of Music
Basket of Peaches with Walnuts Knife and Glass of Wine
Grapes and Pomegranates
Madame Chardin
Pears Walnuts and Glass of Wine
Self-Portrait with an Eyeshade
Still-Life with Jar of Olives
Still-Life with Pipe an Jug
The Buffet
The Canary
The Copper Drinking Fountain
The Hard-working Mother
The Laundress
The Prayer before Meal
The Provider
The Ray
The Silver Cup
The Youth with a Violin
Entrance to the Grand Canal and the Church of La Salute
Portrait of a Young Man
Pietà with Sts Francis and Mary Magdalen
The Martyrdom of St. Stephen
The Stoning of St. Stephen
The Virgin Appears to Sts Luke and Catherine
Allegory of Vices
Allegory of Virtues
The Mystic Marriage of St. Catherine
Venus and Cupid with a Satyr
The Fortune Teller
The Death of the Virgin
Portrait of Alof de Wignacourt with His Page
View of Salisbury
Helmingham Dell
Volterra the Citadel
The Woman with the Pearl
The Vale
The Tanneries of Mantes
The Reader Wreathed with Flowers
The Forum Seen from the Farnese Gardens
The Coliseum Seen from the Farnese Gardens
The Church of Marissel near Beauvais
The Cathedral of Chartres
The Bridge of Narni
The Bridge at Mantes
Souvenir of Mortefontaine
Lady in Blue
Haydee Young Woman in Greek Dress
Goat herds
Corot’s Studio
Courbet in his Cell at Sainte Pelagie
Self Portrait
Vulcan Presenting Venus with Arms for Aeneas
Venus Demanding Arms from Vulcan for Aeneas
The Odalisk
The Mill
The Forest
The Afternoon Meal
Rinaldo and Armida
Painter in his Studio
Diana Resting after her Bath
Brown Odalisque
Madonna and Child with St Anne
Madonna and Child with the Infant St John
Head Study of a Smiling Youth
Group of three Male Nudes
Figure Studies
Christ Crucified between the Virgin and St John
Virgin and Child with Young St John the Baptist
Venus and the Three Graces Presenting Gifts to a Young Woman
Three Scenes from the Story of Esther
Portrait of a Youth
A Young Man Being Introduced to the Seven Liberal Arts
Landscape of the Alps
The Cripples
A Scene from Roman History
Presentation in the Temple
Presumed Portrait of Rene Descartes
The Beggars
The Deposition
The Calvary
Portrait of a Young Man
Madonna with Child and Sts Peter and Sebastian
Blessing Christ
Institution of the Eucharist
Crucifixion with St Dominic
Coronation of the Virgin
Birth of the Virgin
Beheading of Saint Cosmas and Saint Damian
Paulus van Beresteyn
Gypsy Girl