Rijksmuseum - Paintings

Cimon and Pero (Roman Charity)
Abraham and Isaac
Boaz Casting Barley into Ruth’s Veil
Christ and the Adulteress
Daniele Barbaro
Woman Baking Bread
Woman in Blue Reading a Letter
The Milkmaid
The Love Letter
The Little Street
Breton Girls Dancing
By the Pond
Head of a Negress
Six studies of a Cat
Young Woman Standing
The Sick Woman
The Morning Toilet
The Feast of St Nicholas
Self Portrait
In the Tavern
At the Linen Closet
The Mother
Village House
Judith Leaving the Tent of Holofernes
The Hare Hunt
Winter Landscape with Skaters
Ice Scene
Fischermen by Moonlight
The Merry Drinker
Marriage Portrait of Isaac Massa and Beatrix van der Laen
Nicolaes Hasselaer
The Lute Player
Lucas de Clercq
Feyntje van Steenkiste
The Meagre Company