Szépmûvészeti Múzeum - Paintings

Saint-Tropez the Harbour
Harbour with Ruins
Rocky Landscape with Waterfall
Admiral Sir Edward Hughes
Portrait of a Woman
Portrait of a Man
The Infant Jesus Distributing Bread to Pilgrims
Mary and Child with Angels Playing Music
Holy Family with the Infant St John
Manor farm Cousin in Greville
Baudelaire’s Mistress Reclining
Civil War (The Barricade)
Apotheose of Louis XIV
Portrait of a Married Couple
Sleeping Venus
Parnassus or Apollo and the Muses
Marriage at Cana
Pope Leo X Appointing Cardinals
Peasants at the Table (El Almuerzo)
Rue Damiette Rouen
Landscape with Shepherds
Portrait of a Youth
Self Portrait
Carryng the Cross
Water Carrier
Arrival of a Visitor
A Merry Party
Apostle St Andrew
Holy Family with St Anne
Mary Magdalen in Penitence
Portrait of a Man
Saint Jerome
The Martyrdom of St Andrew
Woman Reading a Letter
The Lock at Dolo
Horse Frightened by a Storm
Christ and the Woman of Samaria
The Wrestlers
The Sermon of St John the Baptist
Bacchus and Ceres with Nymphs and Satyrs
Winter Landscape with Skaters