Oeuvre of Chaim Soutine

On this day in 1893 an outstanding painter of Belorussian origin, Chaim Soutine, was born. He was one of the representatives of Modernism in French art of fin de siècle. Soutine rejected from pushing his art into the boundaries of any art movement. Unlike many of his colleagues, who longed for depicting fleeting, transient moments, he concentrated on representing Eternity. Soutine’s painting manner was close to expressionism, as he shared their worldview, filled with dramatism and tension.  One of the central motifs of his life was inner pain and ability of compassion and empathy.

Paradoxically Chaim’s art united pensiveness and traditionalism. He remained indifferent to one of Modernism’s main achievements – freedom in choice of subject – and preferred a common triad: still life, landscape and portrait.







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