On this day: Dalí, Diary of a Genius

It’s always curious to get into the head of a famous artist, to know his thoughts. And Salvador Dalí gave us such possibility, as he published his diary – Diary of a Genius. There he wrote on this day‬: “1953 – AUGUST. The 17th. Through excessive caution, I put so little paint on the right thigh that, seeking to add some colour, I smudge my painting (…) The most re-secret secret is that I, the most famous painter in the world, don’t know how a painting is done. Nevertheless I am very close to knowing it, and all of a sudden I shall paint a picture that will be like those of antiquity.”

Dalí was a great graphic artist (probably even better then an painter), so here you’re a little selection of his drawings and watercolours!

Salvador Dali 01 Salvador Dali 02 Salvador Dali 03 Salvador Dali 04 Salvador Dali 05

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