Child Paintings

May Flowers
Mother about to Wash her Sleepy Child
Mother with Child
Mother with Child
My First Sermon
My Second Sermon
Nativity with St Francis and St Lawrence
Nelly with Toy
Nestle’s Food for Infants
On the Meadow
Pink and Blue
Portrait d’Elisabeth fille d’Elie Faure
Portrait of a Dead Child
Portrait of Emilie Seriziat and her Son
Portrait of Hortense Valpincon as a Child
Portrait of Lady Mary Grey and Lord George Grey
Portrait of Louise Vernet as a Child
Portrait of Otto Sigismund
Portrait of the Artist’s Daughter Vera
Presentation at the Temple
Sacred Conversation
St John the Baptist as a Boy
Study of a child
The Bath
The Blind Girl
The Blue Room
The Boyhood of Raleigh
The Child Mother
The Children of Gabriel Thomas

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