The delicate art of Alfred Sisley

Impressionism is probably one of the most popular movement among art lovers. The names of such Impressionists as Pierre-Auguste Renoir or Edouard Manet are well-known. However, there were some other authors of amazing talent, yet less popularized. Alfred Sisley, who was born on this day in 1839, is among them.

Born and raised in France, in Paris, Sisley retained British citizenship till the end of his days. At the age of 18 he left for England to start his education. But instead of devoting himself to business, Alfred got carried away with Constable‘s and Boningtone‘ s painting and ‘opened’ for his French colleagues the innovative approach towards landscape of Turner.

As it’s common for all Impressionists, Sisley accentuated not on the plot of the image but on the delicate features of atmosphere, gradual changes in colour and light. The artist was never ashamed to learn from his mate painters, being affected by Pissarro, then by Renoir and Monet. Yet, his authentic finesse show up through all influences because of his unique contact with Nature that was calmer and modest then those of his friends. Genial, clear and quiet simplicity make his canvases a true delight for the viewers’ eyes.

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