The elegance of Past

Today we celebrate 180 years from the birth of a wonderful Dutch-born artist Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema. He was known as a matchless master of history painting and mythological scene, though his early works were deeply rooted in Dutch art. He trained at the Royal Academy of Antwerp under Gustaf Wappers, from whom he inherited interest in Merovingian subjects in painting.

In 1860s Alma-Tadema had a journey to Italy, which had changed his view on art completely and shaped up his creative individuality. He was enchanted with the ruins of Pompeii and Herculaneum, with the grandeur of ancient civilizations, visible in Rome. The master penetrated into exploration of the details of Antiquity’s everyday life and Roman archeology (Greek to a lesser extent ) became his life-long passion. That’s why Lawrence’s canvases are defined by such exquisiteness and tangibility of the depiction of our Past.










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