Today Henri Rousseau has died

‪On this day‬ a great French Post-impressionist master Henri Rousseau has died in 1910.

Did you knew that apart from being a painter he was an accomplished violin player and often supplemented his income by playing on the streets?

Pablo Picasso gave the banquet one night in 1908 for Rousseau, who was nicknamed the douanier (customs officer) because he had worked much of his life on the toll gates and river duty stations of Paris was nothing but a blague, Picasso would claim, absolutely a blague (joke).Everyone thought it was hilarious when the old painter made his heartfelt declaration – the punchline to an evening of mockery. “You and I,” said Henri Rousseau, sincerely addressing his host Pablo Picasso, “are the two most important artists of the age – you in the Egyptian style, and I in the modern one.” Yet these full of self-confidence words were quite prophetic!

And now take a few minutes and enjoy some of ousseau’s great canvases. And don’t forget to share them with your freinds!

Henri Rousseau 01 Henri Rousseau 02 Henri Rousseau 03 Henri Rousseau 04 Henri Rousseau 05 Henri Rousseau 06

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