William Bouguereau: The Glorification of Youth

On this day in 1825 one of the greatest French masters of the Academic painting, William-Adolphe Bouguereau,  was born . Bouguereau was extremely hard-working artist: he started painting in the studio very early, have a break for a launch (mainly eggs and water) and left home long after midnight. People asked themselves, where William found time for new ideas. Because of the utmost perfectionism, paranoiac attention to the details and discontent with the results of his work, Bouguereau got a nickname Sisyphus at the Art Academy.  In the times of his highest popularity, the master was compared to Rembrandt. The say Rembrandt managed to capture the essence of the old age, meanwhile Bouguereau, with celebrated the age of youth. And here you can see a set of his portraits of kids.







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